Alec Baldwin Calls For Anthony Weiner To Drop Out Of Mayoral Race

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In an op-ed written for the Huffington Post, actor Alec Baldwin called for Anthony Weiner to take himself out of the mayoral race amid his latest sexting scandal.

“It would be one thing if a man had an affair, doing what comes naturally with a partner other than his wife,” Baldwin wrote in the op-ed. “It’s another thing to text compromising photos of yourself and thus hand someone a loaded gun.”

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Weiner announced that he is staying in the mayoral race despite the newest scandal and was back on the campaign trail Wednesday night.

“Weiner has only one problem that disqualifies him from the race and that is that he is clearly addicted to reckless behavior,” Baldwin wrote.

Baldwin does not count Weiner out in the future, but wrote that he believes this race…

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