Glamping at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara


ECC1Let me just preface this post by saying that the first time I heard of the word ‘glamping,’ I wanted to gag.  It’s one of those words that just got under my skin because I actually really love camping.  I’m talking down ‘n dirty camping where you pack all the essentials, set up your tent, get a fire going, cook your meal, make s’mores, stargaze, get comfy in your sleeping bag, the whole nine.  I love that stuff!  So when I heard of the term glamping, I cringed.  Glamorous camping – are you kidding me?!  Right off the bat, it sounds pretentious and like a marketing gimmick.


Let’s be honest.  While I enjoy camping as much as anyone, sometimes things don’t always go smoothly.  You forget something (or a lot of somethings), it takes a ton of work to plan all the logistics, get everything set up and ensure…

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