Yellowstone in Summer: Part 2/2

The two-day tourist

Read my previous post on Yellowstone here.

Day 2 or was it 3 ? (I had lost track of time and days. I was in cold turkey phase without any technology and connectivity) began at 4:00 am. We drove in pitch lonely darkness from Grant to Old Faithful to start our photo tour. Just when we reached, dawn broke ( my dislike for Twilight movies prohibits me from saying ‘Breaking Dawn’. Forever). And this is when I think i understood what it might feel like if we lived above the clouds. Let me explain: the Old Faithful area has a lot of hot geysers and springs. The pre-sunrise temperatures are pretty low and heavy rains the previous night had added quite some moisture in the air. So when the cold air meets the hot steam, they create beautiful cloud-like mists. These are not your every morning-out-on-your-apartment-balcony mists. These are…

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